I’m Angela Wynne. Glamour And Boudoir Photographer

Angie and Maggie the Scottish Terrier. Us girls stick together (don't you forget it)

I’m a Glamour and Boudoir Photographer. I take pictures of all women without exception. It’s what I do.

Taking Snapshots

Like many photographers, I started out just taking snapshots and eventually decided that portraits were my thing. I really like taking pictures of people, particularly women as I more easily identify with them and their sensibilities.

University of Bolton

As a reasonably mature student, I was lucky enough to be accepted by the University of Bolton on their 2004 Photography Degree intake. I’m not sure I ever learned to take a picture but I was taught about photography as a concept and how to look at an image in a non-literal way. The course opened my eyes, it was a wonderful experience and I left with a 2:1.

Boudoir & Glamour Photography

I suppose by accident, I ended up working in a Boudoir Studio and discovered that there were a lot of “normal” women who wanted to be photographed in the nude or just wearing sexy lingerie. Their reasons for wanting to go through this generally unnatural process were interesting, personal and varied.

After a while, it was an obvious and logical step to becoming involved in professional Glamour Photography and this in turn brought me into contact with other female professionals from the Adult industry such as Escorts who sought the services of a Glamour Photographer for their own website portfolio images.

Female Glamour & Boudoir Photographer

Obviously, it goes without saying that I’m female and this fact alone tends to put most women at ease given there is a predominance of male photographers, particularly in the Glamour photography sector.