When you want to give your partner a truly personal and intimate gift, a lady can’t go wrong with a timeless classic Boudoir photo shoot!

A classic boudoir image pose

A Sexy Gift For A Lucky Partner

The images in this post are of a lovely Client of mine who shall remain nameless but, she knows who she is! She wanted a Boudoir Photo Shoot as a surprise sexy gift for her partner, but she had a definite style and feel in mind. From some of the images she already liked and referenced prior to her photo shoot, it was clear she favoured natural-looking imagery with a lighter, delicate, elegant yet sophisticated touch.

Upper body shot of lady in white lingerie looking straight into the camera

The photo shoot chosen was my Classic package with MAC makeup by Candice, my MAC makeup specialist. I think my Client looks absolutely beautiful and I’d like to sincerely thank her for allowing me to use her images in this post!