I was very happy to represent my Glamour and Boudoir Photography Studio, Iconic Boudoir, at the inaugural Sexhibition event in Manchester that ran between the 21st – 23rd August. Weird, wonderful, sexy, deviant, kinky, inclusive – it was all there and all on show!

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Why Sexhibition?

Being a Glamour and Boudoir photographer, my general clientele range from Models, Escorts, Housewives and other everyday real women from all walks of life who want to experience the thrill of a sexy photoshoot. I usually get enquiries from my website and by recommendation. Other than that, I don’t generally do much marketing. When I was approached by Cheryl Smith (the creator and inspiration behind Sexhibition) and she told me about the event, I was really excited! It was certainly first of it’s kind in Manchester and possibly the UK. The range of exhibitors was vast covering all topics of human interest in, well, all things sex!

Fiendishly deviant guy in head to toe black latex with conical head gear posing in front of a chaise longue

In the past, clients with “alternative” interests have found me by stumbling across my site. These clients told me that they had always wanted a photo shoot but didn’t know where to find a studio or photographer that would have empathy and understanding about their particular passion or fetish. It seemed to me that many potential attendees of Sexhibition might just fall into this category and happily, I wasn’t wrong!

Male and female acrobatic sex performers at Sexhition surrounded by a watching crowd

Celebrating our differences!

There were so many people in attendance ranging from curious “civilians” to participants in the Adult industry, those who worship at the altar of Latex and PVC fetishism, and many individuals flying the flag for BDSM.

Androgynous beauty in latex reclining on a Chaise Longue

There was also a fair number of Transvestites who were stepping out looking glamorous, confident and comfortable. I was also impressed with the number of let’s say, more mature couples (many of whom were clearly entitled to a free bus pass) in latex, body harnesses and other generally scant and very revealing attire.

Half shot of White horned latex lady at Sexhibition

It’s like Sexhibition was a rallying call for everyone to forget their everyday life, put their best foot forward and be exactly who they wanted to be, at least for a couple of days!

Orange and black latex lady gimp on on Sexhibition stage

A Positive Reaction To Boudoir Photography

I was genuinely surprised at just how many attendees were thrilled to see that I did Boudoir Photography and at how many of those people were drawn by my dramatically lit, black and white nude portraiture. It really does seem that that kind of photography remains timeless, glamorous and ever popular.

Sexy boudoir bondage lady in black leotard tied up and suspended upside down by one leg

And Couples Too!

I talked to quite a few couples who were really interested to know whether I did Boudoir Couples Photography. By and large, these were generally everyday couples who wanted to express their close relationships in the most intimate and sensual way possible and capture it all on camera for a timeless reminder and keepsake to look back on in the future. When I say, everyday couples, I mean just that. Obviously, some couples were quite glamorous but most were just “normal” with the usual hangups about their bodies, a little shy and embarrassed about broaching the subject of a sexy couples photoshoot.

Tiring But Great Fun

I was talking to people at my stand from early morning to past midnight on Saturday and for most of Sunday morning through to late afternoon. You can guess that my feet and legs were aching and this was the same for all of the other exhibitors who’d all worked extremely hard to provide their goods and services to all interested attendees.

A view of the Sexhibition stage from the perspective of the audience

I was relieved that all went well although I did have a bit of a problem at the “eleventh hour”. Sexhibition started on Friday and on Thursday, I was let down by a printer who should have delivered some posters and vinyl banners for our Sexhibition stand. After desperately phoning around and being told it wasn’t possible to do by tomorrow, I Googled and found a company called Big Art and Banners. I spoke to them late Thursday afternoon and they kept answering and saying “yes”. They promised the work by 1:30 pm the next day and they totally delivered. It was awesome service from Big Art and Banners and I just wanted to thank them for all their help and commitment!

Sexy, busty, red head lady fire performer clad in tight black latex with spike pointed boobs

Many people took my cards and leaflets and I look forward to hearing from them in the near future. There was a great sense of camaraderie and togetherness and I had the most fun and enjoyment I’ve had for some time. Am I looking forward to next year? You betcha!

Two nude sexy performers on Sexhibition stage

White horned latex lady on on Sexhibition stage