A Sexy Boudoir photo shoot will boost your confidence and empower the woman in you. Irrespective of your body type, age or skin tone, the “Boudoir Effect” will transform and liberate the beauty that every woman possesses.

A sexy boudoir photograph of an empowered female nude stood against a black wall with her outline caught by soft lighting

Classic And Contemporary Boudoir Styles

The wonderful thing about modern Boudoir Photography is that it can be quite literally anything you want it to be. Boudoir Photography is interpreted in many different ways by as many different photographers.

Shadowy full frontal nude with her hands on her hips

All women are beautiful, either in the literal sense or have an amazing inner beauty that just makes them attractive to other people. Boudoir photo shoots provide the artistic freedom to capture all that is special about a woman and her individuality. There are no rules or requirements imposed in a Boudoir photo shoot. A woman’s shape or body type is largely irrelevant because working on the basis that all women truly are beautiful, it’s my pleasure to simply highlight her beauty in the photo shoot.

How To Make Any Woman Look Beautiful

After working with countless different women of all ages, shapes and sizes, I’m generally able to see what a woman’s strongest features are and work with them to highlight and accentuate their beauty. Initially, the professional pre-shoot preparation of hair and makeup can provide superb transformation of a woman’s “look”, but the real secrets to making any woman look fabulous go way beyond hair and makeup.

Reclining nude in sexy lingerie, stockings and stilettos with an amazing rounded peach ass

Sometimes, really fantastic images seem to happen by accident, caught by the random click of the camera in some candid moment. In reality, most truly great images are quite literally “composed” and that means understanding what works for the subject of the image, in this case, my Client.

Black and white silhouette nude in thong

Specialist Lighting And Perfect Poses

I use dramatic shadows that obscure the profile, adding mystery and allure to the image. I also use simple light that radiates off a woman’s curves and exaggerates her outline. Complemented by beautiful poses perfectly matched to a woman’s physique that are both comfortable and easy to achieve, a simple photograph can become a piece of art. Using this mix of techniques, a woman’s true beauty transcends the literal and just shines through in the image with force and power, like a liberated spirit.

Black and white silhouette nude in heels, stockings and knickers smoking a cigarette

Mystery And Imagination

Attraction is truly enhanced by mystery and Boudoir takes this simple tenet to the extreme by adding mystery and secrecy, leaving the imagination of the viewer to do the rest. This is how Boudoir allows us to hint at so much, whilst revealing so little, letting pure imagination and suggestion work its magic across the image.

Rear of nude with rounded bottom

A classic Boudoir photo shoot allows a woman to express herself in any way she feels comfortable with. That may involve no nudity whatsoever, or be completely nude and yet reveal very little. I strive for classy, artistic and beautiful and it is a great joy to witness the transformation of a nervous, shy lady into an empowered and liberated Woman!

Black and white silhouette nude in heels, stockings and knickers

Why Do Women Want Boudoir Photography?

After getting to know many of my Boudoir clients, there do seem to be recurring themes why women decide to go out of their personal comfort zone and have a Boudoir photo shoot experience. Sometimes, the reason for the shoot doesn’t seem to match the reality of the highly individual person standing in front of me.

Nude in sexy lingerie and stockings with an amazing rounded peach ass

A Massive Confidence Booster

Some women are extremely beautiful in the classic sense, yet lack confidence or feel down about the way they look, or about some particular part of their body. They want a reassuring confidence boost. Other women may have lost weight, and in some cases, gained weight. Either way, the Boudoir photo shoot is used to celebrate and record these achievements. Certain women may be celebrating recovery from illness or the achievement of a life-goal, and the other oft-cited reasons are the sad break-up of a relationship or, an attempt to put some sparkle back into an existing one.

Topless nude, kneeling with her hands on her knees

Totally Exhilarating And Fun!

It’s not all about pure confidence boosting, though. A Boudoir photo shoot is a totally exhilarating experience and fantastic fun! Women are pampered, made-up and treated like celebrity models! They very soon get into the spirit of the shoot, completely letting go, strutting, posing and expressing themselves in front of the camera without inhibitions, liberated, free and empowered.

Black and white shot of lady with an amazing, round bottom half covered by a man's shirt

A classic Boudoir photo shoot is the perfect experience to put some pizazz into your life. Women everywhere are turning to Boudoir Photography to discover their inner Diva!