Take a rundown repurposed Mill that’s seen better days. Curiously juxtaposed against the whitewashed industrial brick walls and dilapidated window frame is a shiny new reproduction “roll top” bathtub. Add in the provocative and extreme posing of the striking British model, Paula Vickers, and the results are quirky, sexy and erotic Glamour… view complete post

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You could be forgiven for thinking that with a name like Carly Rae Summers, we’re actually referring to a country singer. As interesting as that might be if she were, her real story is actually significantly more interesting than that. Carly Rae has made quite a name for herself as a performer in the adult industry. If that weren’t enough, what really… view complete post

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Stunning and versatile model Gina Harrison has the knack of looking amazing in anything and in this case, just a leather and brass female body harness and a rather interesting BDSM collar. This set of images shot on location in the main bar of the Velvet Hotel in Manchester is no exception. Dramatic, fashionable, sexy and erotic in leather… view complete post

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