Zowie, a really lovely Yorkshire lass, approached me about a very different Boudoir Photoshoot. She wanted to create a portfolio of really timeless, natural “art-glamour” images. But what does “art-glamour” mean? Is it some kind of retro Hollywood Glamour? Maybe something right out of Cabaret, or did she mean Burlesque? Did it involve any nudity; isn’t that what Glamour implies? I knew this was going to be very interesting!

Topless nude wearing suspenders and a peak cap

Glamour Photography Has Many Forms

In Boudoir Photography, the “Glamour” word can be quite difficult to interpret as everyone has their own understanding of what Glamour means to them. I’m often involved in Glamour shoots where the interpretation of the style would be akin to the kind of photos you might find in the so-called “Lads Mags” or more typically on Page three of the “red-top” tabloids.

Rear shot of naked blonde woman

The Brilliant Helmut Newton

For some time, I’ve wanted to create a collection of images reminiscent of the style of the famous German photographer, Helmut Newton. I really love the rawness and beauty of Newton?s work. He was not of “Photoshop Era” so there is no airbrushing or digital retouching to be found in his work. He shot his images “in the moment” and relied on talent, ability and his “eye” to get exactly what he wanted in a photograph.

Full frontal blonde nude

A Newton-Style Shoot Goes Its Own Way!

I discussed my idea of a Newton-style photo-shoot with Zowie and fortunately, she was really excited and equally enamoured with Newton?s style.

Whilst a photo-shoot often starts out with a specific idea or at least a general theme, during the shoot, I’m always influenced by the personality of my Client and of course, the general vibe and excitement that builds up in the studio as the shoot progresses.

Rear shot of blonde nude sat on a chair

In Zoey’s case, whilst we had the Newton theme in mind, the shoot definitely went its own way, meandering between different poses and simple yet dramatic lighting, all reacting with Zowie’s fantastic and adventurous personality. Along the way, some wonderful images were captured, often unintended, just “happening” during the course of some creative, fun experimentation.

I particularly love the natural shapes and lines that can be seen in the images. The human form has endless variation and beauty. I made certain that I directed Zowie to pose in ways that were absolutely suited to her, along with some very accentuated poses that really brought out the best in her individual “look”.

Rear shot of a nude blonde

When Nudity Matters

Sometimes, the beautiful lines of a woman’s body can be “broken” by underwear, irrespective of how scanty the garments are. In other words, sometimes, only nude will do to achieve the very best results. However, nude doesn’t equate to rude; it simply equates to unadorned natural beauty, human-art, if you will.

Chatting through the concept of nudity with Zowie, she wasn’t at all fazed. She trusted me and knew I would ensure that her images portrayed her both beautifully and tastefully.

Frontal nude torso shot

Retro, Beautiful, Classic – Glamour With A Hint Of Burlesque

I made certain that I directed Zowie to pose in ways that were absolutely suited to her, along with some very accentuated poses that really brought out the best in her individual “look”.

We were both absolutely delighted with the results. The images are simple, uncluttered and timeless. Some have a retro feel, reminiscent of bygone Hollywood Glamour, others subtly suggest the Berlin cabaret scene, with just a hint of burlesque. Many of the images are just plain beautiful in their own right, with Zoey striking some unusual and unorthodox poses. To top it all off, after a wonderful, exciting and exhilarating shoot, Zoey very kindly allowed me to feature her images on my site.

Full frontal blonde nude

Poses And Dramatic Lighting Accentuate Your Best Features

In reality, most women can achieve these kinds of results regardless of their body type. Beautiful and appropriate poses are absolutely crucial to the success of the shoot. Most Clients (even some professional models) are really worried about not knowing “what to do”. Therefore, I totally direct my Clients from the beginning to the end of their photo shoot. I tell them exactly what to do, leaving nothing to chance.

Front shot of blonde nude sat on a chair

Zoey’s images utilise simple, effective lighting techniques to dramatic effect. Lighting that works for one Client might not work quite as well for another. Through experience, I quickly decide what kind of lighting techniques work best for my Client. The poses and lighting really come together to great effect, providing stunning, naturally beautiful results for every Client. Finally, for the ultimate reassurance, I’ll appropriately airbrush in post-production, to ensure that my Client looks absolutely gorgeous!

From Shrinking Violet To Supermodel!

I often smile to myself during a shoot because another trait that often occurs is that the very same women who start out worried or nervous about not knowing “what to do” suddenly find their confidence, relax, “let go” and in front of my eyes, morph into a Supermodel strutting their stuff, having the time of their life!

This is the Boudoir phenomenon, often felt by Ladies that go through the Boudoir Photography experience and describe it as empowering, liberating, exhilarating and confidence boosting.