Take a rundown repurposed Mill that’s seen better days. Curiously juxtaposed against the whitewashed industrial brick walls and dilapidated window frame is a shiny new reproduction “roll top” bathtub. Add in the provocative and extreme posing of the striking British model, Paula Vickers, and the results are quirky, sexy and erotic Glamour Photography.

A sexy glamour model in lingerie sat on a roll top bath

Sexy Glamour Photography

In glamour photography, a photo shoot has many influences, particularly (and obviously) the model, but commercial requirements and expectations tend to dictate the look and feel of the results. For example, many glamour commissions are to satisfy the expectations of the Adult industry or the so-called Lads Mags and often involve semi-nude or “Cheesecake” images.

A sexy glamour model in lingerie kneeling on the floor leaning backward in front of a roll top bath

Sexy Glamour Erotica

With this photo shoot (and no particular commercial motive), I wanted to capture a more erotic kind of glamour in a non-obvious location with more extreme posing. In this respect, I think Paula really delivered and I’m very happy with the results.

Black and white image of sexy glamour model in lingerie lay on the floor

My Lighting Approach

Old industrial and cotton Mills are typically peppered with large windows and this provides a profusion of natural lighting during the daytime. I wanted to get more dimension into the images so, in addition to natural light, I also used continuous cool lighting and flash during the photo shoot.

Side profile of a sexy glamour model in lingerie kneeling on the edge of a roll top bath

Introducing Paula Vickers

Paula is an amazing and very experienced model who has actually been modelling since she was twelve years old. At the time of writing, Paula is a full-time underwear and promotional model and she works for many well-known underwear and other commercial brands.

Black and white image of sexy glamour model in crouching on the floor

Paula has also done a considerable amount of retro pinup modelling and with her pale skin and blonde hair, it’s easy to see why. She has worked for a lot of different companies ranging from small “boutique” organisations to large international commissions. Paula is British born, based in Manchester and willing to travel for the right kind of modelling opportunities.