Tattoos are an ever present fashion or lifestyle statement for women as well as men. Sometimes though, you just don’t want them showing in your images.

Why We Want To Hide The Tattoos

People go through a lot of pain and expense to have their bodies adorned with tattoos of all shapes, sizes and designs. Ask anyone about their tattoos and they’ll generally have a story behind each one and it will have a symbolic reference to an important event or time in their life.

Before-photo of woman in black and white bikini with tattoo on her tummy
Before-photo of woman in black and white bikini with tattoo on her tummy

But if the tattoo is so cherished, why are we expected to remove all trace of them in our images?

Tattoos And Fashion Shoots

Sometimes, particularly on a fashion shoot, a tattoo can clash with what is being modelled, plain and simple. Occasionally, a brand just doesn’t want their images to be associated with tattoos or body art of any kind.

Professional Escorts Prefer To Conceal Their Identity

Professional Escorts have a recurring requirement for glamour photography. Their portfolio needs to be kept up-to-date so it always reflects their physical look and reality. Despite an Escort’s desire to show her glamour and beauty in her images, more often than not, an Escort’s face is either masked or cropped out of her images. Obviously, this is to keep her identity anonymous, particularly from family, friends and partners who are often unaware of the Escort’s occupation.

With facial identity obscured, you might think that this is enough to preserve anonymity, but you’d be wrong. A tattoo can be so personal and unique that if left in an image, an Escort can easily be identified by the tattoo by someone who knows her. This is probably the main reason we are asked to remove tattoos from images.