Many women have stretch marks, irrespective of age. This can understandably cause anxiety for women when they are considering glamour or boudoir photography. But, as always, there’s a solution.

Before-photo of woman in red lingerie with stretch marks on her tummy
Before-photo of woman in red lingerie with stretch marks on her tummy

Stretch Marks Don’t Play Fair

It’s not fair, but women are predisposed to stretch marks to a greater or lesser degree than each other. Some women give birth numerous times with hardly a stretch mark in sight. Others have a child, look after themselves and their skin as best they can but still end up with very unsightly stretch marks and excessive tummy fat.

Of course, childbirth isn’t the only cause of stretch marks and they can occur anywhere on the body. Quite often, weight gain and subsequent loss can leave telltale signs almost anywhere but particularly on the thighs, buttocks and arms.

Is Airbrushing The Only Answer?

Most women want to look glamorous and sexy in their images, but some are troubled at the concept of simply airbrushing away bodily imperfections. They feel that their images would just misrepresent who they are. This is particularly so with many of our Escort clientele. They want to look great in their images but don’t want to meet with a companion looking totally different in real life.

In these cases, numerous techniques can be employed ranging from expert lighting, the creative use of shadows, tasteful posing and the use of carefully selected garments/lingerie. These approaches can all have a very positive and dramatic effect on the end product. Focus can be subtly drawn away from perceived imperfection and easily highlight the more obvious and beautiful features of any woman.

When Airbrushing Is The Best Approach

Despite the reservations of some, others have no problem with digital post-production techniques to make them look sexy and glamorous in their photography. This isn’t surprising when you consider that virtually every image and photograph you ever see has been digitally enhanced to make the subject look their absolute best.

When you just can’t obscure or deflect focus from an area of the body with stretch marks, then airbrushing wins out, hands down. It’s all about choices for women and expert photography and post-production can deliver the required results whatever approach is preferred.